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"Will you meet me"?

This question came to me through an unknown e-mail.
I get strange e-mails all the time being a teen reporter for the newspaper.

My name is Jarrit, I started writing for the local newspaper when I accidentally uncovered a
smuggling ring in my hometown.

I'm 6'0 with red shoulder length hair and green eyes. I'm pretty well built for being 17, I play base-
ball and am on the honor roll.
I have nice cared for size 11 feet, I take pride in my apperance from head to toe.

It was close of the week when I got this e-mail, I was currently working on a story of a string of
burglaries in town.
As I headed out, I got a strange call on my cell.

"Did you get my message? I have some info for you."

"Who are you, and where do you want to meet me?"

"I will be in contact with you later this evening, just be ready when I call."

My mind was in overdrive as I drove to my apartment, I know a 17 y/o with his own car and place
is not that common. My parents are divorced and with my job and the occasional help from them
I'm able to afford it.
It also helps that my best friend lives with me, his parents let him stay with me as long as his
grades don't slip.

"Hey, how was your night Jarrit"?

"It was interesting, I might've gotten a lead on the new story.
How about you Shane"?

"It's been pretty uneventful, I got a date with a guy I've been chatting with.
We're meeting for coffee tonight".

Shane is the best friend I could ever have.
He's 5'8 with short black hair and blue eyes. His size 9 feet are in impecable shape, as is the rest
of him.

"Well just becareful, call me if you need anything or if this guy turns out to be a dirt bag".

"I will Jarr, thanks for looking out".

Shane and I are as close as two gay teens can be without having sex. It's not that the attraction's
not there, it's just that we're like brothers.

"Of course I look out for you Shane, if anything happened to you who'd help me with the rent"?
I said smiling.

"Oh really, I'll give you something to smile about".

With that he jumped on me tackling me to the floor kneading his fingers between my ribs.

I managed to squirm free of his grip, continuing to giggle from the phantom tickles.

Shane and I are both extremely ticklish and exploit eachother with it.
We have great fun with tickle fights.

An hour later after eating and taking a shower, I was relaxing watching Smallville season 1 dvd.
All of a sudden my phone rings, it was another strange number.


"I told you I'd call back, are you still interested in getting my info"?

"Of course I am, where do you want to meet"?

"Before we get to that, I have some ground rules.
First I need to remain secret, and second you must come alone".

This was starting to get intriguing, usually I do meet sources alone but have never been told that

"Ok, but do know that I will not be unarmed so if you have anything in mind I won't go without a

"Fair enough, being that I've been so secretive I understand."

"So where do we meet?"

"Meet me at the old field just outside of town, I will be in a black pickup."

Just as suddenly as it came the call was over.
I must admit I was getting a little wary of this situation, first I'm going to a field with nobody
around for miles, second I was going alone granted with a switchblade and mace for weapons, third
nobody knew where I was going.

I quickly got dressed, it was a warm night so I wore a fitted tee, black jean shorts, and to finish my
outfit black ankle socks and black sneakers.
I also left Shane a note on the off chance I didn't come home, so at least the cops would know
where to start looking for me in the worst case scenario.

Taking no chances I locked all the doors and windows and set the alarm, jumping in my car I
started my hour drive to the old field.

Even though it was night, the moon was almost as bright as daytime, at least that was in my favor.

When I finally got to the field, I got out and started looking around, up the dirt road a little ways
I could make out the shadow of a pickup. I was walking toward it when I heard rustling in the trees.

I started getting jumpy.

"Calm down it was only the wind, a deer or something" I told myself.

"Hello!" I called out as I got nearer to the truck.

"I see you made it and followed my instructions".

The voice came from behind the truck and made me jump out of my skin.

"Yes so let's get this over with tell me what you got".

A figure came into view, he was tall and built and very handsome I noticed as he got closer.

"Jarrit, I'm Cam."

The man said extending his hand.

"Sorry for all the secrecy, but these burglaries are a part of a bigger scheme and I can't be found

"I understand sir, all I want is the info and we can be on our way."

"Jarrit, this goes far beyond just plain run of the mill burglaries, the money being taken is going
toward a hostile take over of one of the major corporations in the state.
I'm not sure yet which one, but when I am I will be back in touch."

"Ok this sounds big, is that all you can tell me Cam"?

"For now yes, a warning though becareful of who you talk to and confide in.
Also if you have any weaknesses keep them guarded, these men will use any means necessary to
keep from being discovered."

"I got it Cam, thanks for the start and also the warning."

As I was driving home I couldn't get the meeting out of my head, so I decided to stop at the coffee
shop for some java.

When I walked in, I noticed Shane sitting at a table by himself.
I quietly snuck up behind him and kneaded my fingers between his ribs.


Shane almost fell out of his seat from the tickle attack.

"Jarrit, you ass I didn't hear you come up."

"That was for tickling me before, where's your date"?

"We met he's nice enough, he had an emergency at home."

"That sucks, are you going to see him again"?

"We're gonna try again later, he's really sweet I hope you can meet him sometime."

"That'd be fun."

After some more talk and my explaining the night, we went home and settled in for the night.

As we were sitting on the couch together watching a movie, Shane reached over and put my feet
in his lap.
He then started to massage my feet and cracking my toes.

"MMMMMthat's awesome Shane, you're the best at this."

I was totally getting lost in Shane's killer massage when suddenly he started to put my feet in a
choke hold and scratch his nails along the center of my arches.


I was toast, I could do nothing but lie there squirming and jerking.

"Awww is the tough teen reporter ticklish?" Shane taunted


My ticklish torment went on for a half hour before Shane stopped.

"DudeEHEAHHEEHEHAEHEHEHthanks for stopping, I was dying."

"Yeah you were, I love reducing you to a helpless child."

"Helpless child huh?"

I quickly grabbed hold of Shane's feet and started to lightly scratch the balls of his bare helpless
feet with my nails.


I continued to tickle his feet for an hour.


"Oh you'll take it and more little buddy, coochie coochie."

Finally I let Shane go and we went to bed.

The next day, I opend the door to get the paper and there was a manilla envelope with pictures of
myself and Shane.
They were taken last night.

To be continued.

A Ticklish Story pt. 1 by Ticklishboy30

/ / / / ©2013-2015 Ticklishboy30
This is a fun three part story I came up with last year I think.
pokemone1 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
LOLZ!Thats hysterical !
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